Not Looking: HBO’s gay show gets Funny or Die Parody.

HBO’s Looking Gets the Parody It Deserves

HBO’s Looking Gets the Parody It Deserves

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Expanding the LGBTQ Conversation
Feb. 4 2014 1:12 PM

Looking Gets the Parody It Deserves

Maybe this parody is what they've been looking for?

Photo credit: John P. Johnson / HBO

Remember when Tina Fey nailed Girls with her Saturday Night Live parody of self-involved millennial angst? It was only a matter of time before Looking, HBO’s “post-gay” show about a group of fairly uninspiring men doing nothing of note in San Francisco, received a sharp-tongued roasting of its very own.

Enter Jason Looney, Jeremy Shane, Justin Martindale, and Drew Droege (of Chlöe Sevigny fame) as four “twentysomething” LA gays in Not Looking, the brilliant faux-trailer which appeared this week on Funny or Die. “Monogamy? Who wants monogamy?” asks one character at brunch. “I mean, there are plenty of men here who will milk you like a cow. Am I right, ladies?” With its bad dancing, awkward hugs, morning alcoholism, and genius St. Lucia soundtrack, does Not Looking address the critical flaws of Looking and show gay life as it really is? You decide.