SNL spoofs Ballghazi and The Bachelor: Brady, Belichick, and Chris Soules get mocked in Blake Shelton’s episode (VIDEO).

Watch SNL’s Hilarious Spoofs of Ballghazi and The Bachelor

Watch SNL’s Hilarious Spoofs of Ballghazi and The Bachelor

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Jan. 25 2015 12:42 PM

SNL Sends Up Ballghazi and The Bachelor 

Beck Bennett as Bill Belichick.

Still from Hulu

Country musician Blake Shelton hosted SNL last night, and the episode followed his lead: earnest, charming, and likable enough, but not very funny. We did get the inevitable Deflategate sketch, in which Beck Bennett dons Bill Belichick’s rolled-up dress shirt and gruff manner while Taran Killam plays a very dim-witted version of Tom Brady. Many ball jokes are made, but I’m not sure this is funnier than the actual press conference:

Elsewhere, Shelton did excellent straight-man work in “Farm Hunk,” a raucous and absurd parody of The Bachelor. Shelton—whose heartland-hunk vibe perfectly matches that of Chris Soules, the Iowan farmer who stars in the show’s current season—is admirably even-keeled as a procession of loony suitors attempt to seduce him:

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