Nine Inch Nails new album Hesitation Marks: Listen to new song “Came Back Haunted” here, via SoundCloud.

New NIN Sounds Like Classic NIN

New NIN Sounds Like Classic NIN

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June 6 2013 12:45 PM

New NIN Sounds Like Classic NIN

Trent Renzor of Nine Inch Nails performs in 2005

Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images

After a brief five-year hiatus, Trent Reznor is bringing back Nine Inch Nails. Last week, he announced that he’d been secretly slaving away on a new album under the moniker, with fellow Oscar-winner Atticus Ross and longtime collaborator and producer Alan Moulder, and as part of the announcement he promised that it would be “frankly fucking great.”

We’ll have to wait until Sept. 3 to find out about the rest of the album, called Hesitation Marks, but Reznor and co. have delivered with the first track, called “Came Back Haunted.”

As you might have guessed from the title, the song seems to have been chosen to suit the occasion. “I am not who I used to be,” he sings, saying that he has been resurrected with something new inside of him. These themes also match the song itself: He’s back to his distinctive brand of industrial rock and electronic beats from his early albums, but he’s also bringing something new—some new collaborators, some new sounds he’s developed over the intervening years, some new toys.