James Hetfield says “Yeah” supercut: Every Metallica “Yeah” condensed into one song.

Every James Hetfield "Yeah" From a Metallica Song

Every James Hetfield "Yeah" From a Metallica Song

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March 15 2013 3:34 PM

Did You See This? James Hetfield Says “Yeah”

James Hetfield of Metallica
"Nooo!" I mean, "Yeaah!"

Photo by ANDRE DURAO/AFP/Getty Images

What is the essence of Metallica? Through all their three decades of lineup changes and infighting and (sometimes subtle) changes in sound, at least one thing has stayed constant: James Hetfield’s growls of “yeah!” As “Yeah!” virtuoso David Lee Roth also proved, it’s the ultimate rock gesture.

Let’s just hope the group has developed a good enough sense of humor to keep this compilation, via rock fan Kevin Conklin and Laughing Squid, from getting taken down.

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