Email signoffs on Today: Al Roker and company discuss Slate article. (VIDEO)

“Oh that Slate, They’re a Laugh Riot” — Al Roker

“Oh that Slate, They’re a Laugh Riot” — Al Roker

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March 15 2013 9:01 AM

Today Hosts Talk Email Signoffs

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Earlier this week, Today debated the Slate piece by Matthew J.X. Malady which argued that it’s time to do away with email signoffs. The piece seemed to strike a nerve with Al Roker, in particular, who feels that email signoffs are an important bit of politeness. “What the heck?” he asks, in general disbelief that anyone would want to do away with them.

By the time his co-host has pointed out that Malady’s piece is funny, Roker has clearly had enough. “Oh, that Slate,” he says, “They’re a laugh riot.” Right back at you, Al.

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