Best Pepperidge Farm cookies, from Milano to Verona: Vote in our poll.

What Is the Best Pepperidge Farm Cookie? Vote Here.

What Is the Best Pepperidge Farm Cookie? Vote Here.

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Sept. 5 2012 2:06 PM

What Is the Best Pepperidge Farm Cookie?

Pepperidge Farm cookies
What is the greatest Pepperidge Farm cookie?

Image courtesy Pepperidge Farm, Inc.

Today in Slate, Leon Neyfakh tells what he learned by eating every variety of Pepperidge Farm cookie. From the Bordeaux to the fruity Verona, everyone has their own favorite Pepperidge Farm treat, as Neyfakh explains. Many favor the Milano, while Neyfakh prefers the buttery Chessmen.

According to one classic commercial about Pepperidge Farm favorites, “Everybody thinks their favorite is the best—they’re right.” This is of course preposterous. There can only be one greatest Pepperidge Farm cookie.

In the poll below, vote for your pick for the greatest. All today's signature white-bag varieties are included, from the “distinctive” European imports to the homegrown chocolate chunk cookies of the American collection. We’ve omitted the sub-varieties, like Mint Milanos and those delectable debasements the Milano Melts—we’ll have to store those away for a different poll.

Poll closes Wednesday, Sept. 12 at noon.