Jimmy Fallon does Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen does Bruce Springsteen with “Sexy And I Know It”
Watch Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young Cover “Sexy And I Know It”
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March 5 2012 11:30 AM

Did You See This? Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young Cover “Sexy And I Know It”

Bruce Springsteen on Fallon
Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young (Jimmy Fallon) on Late Night

The Boss may be as angry as ever on his new album, but he hasn’t forgotten how to make light of himself either. That’s what Springsteen did when he joined Jimmy Fallon (wheeling out his well-honed Neil Young impersonation) to cover LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” this past weekend.

As Jonah Weiner noted in Slate, LMFAO engage in much more self-parody than their detractors acknowledge, and that’s exactly what Bruce does here. Whereas the last time he joined Fallon’s Neil Young it was in a Born To Run-era leather jacket and beard (they performed “Whip My Hair”), here Springsteen dusts off his bandana and Born In the USA-era denim. He hams up his own signature growls, plays up the stiffness in his stage moves, and by the time he invites the audience to sing along, I’m not sure if he’s still poking fun at his persona or whether he really just wants to lead the crowd.

Note: At the end, the crowd isn’t booing, they’re saying “Bruuuce.”

Springsteen joins Fallon for "Whip My Hair" in 2010:


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