Watch the Opening of Project Nim

Watch the Opening of Project Nim

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July 11 2011 12:45 PM

Watch the Opening of Project Nim

On Friday, Dana Stevens reviewed the documentary Project Nim, the latest film by Man on Wire director James Marsh. It's the story of a radical experiment conducted in the 1970s, in which--as part of an attempt to test the animal's linguistic capabilities--a chimpanzee named Nim Chimpsky (after the linguist) was raised as part of a human family on the Upper West Side. Dana called the film "a gripping, unsentimental, at times unbearably sad real-life drama." Now you can watch the first six minutes of the film online, courtesy of Yahoo!. The clip features plenty of cute home videos of diaper-clad chimp romping, but also sets up the uneasy family dynamic at play in the LaFarge household, foreshadowing the sadness to come:



The film is currently playing in Chicago and New York, and spreads to other cities starting this weekend.

[via /Film]

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