The stone home of Fafe in Portugal.

This Fairy-Tale Stone Home Is Real

This Fairy-Tale Stone Home Is Real

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Jan. 30 2015 4:33 PM

The Stone Home of Fafe in Portugal

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On the hills of Fafe in far north Portugal sits a house that seems to have been transported from the Stone Age. The Flintstones-inspired home was built between four boulders in 1974 by the Rodrigues family as a holiday retreat. The interior is just as rustic as the outside—railings made from logs and a couch made from concrete and eucalyptus wood are among the furnishings.

Though not intended as a tourist attraction, the house has been drawing visitors to the remote location ever since photos of it circulated the Internet in 2009. Many assumed the pics were Photoshopped and that the house doesn’t exist. It is definitely real. According to Portuguese publication Publico, the Rodrigues family is well aware of its home’s Internet fame, and a little annoyed at the visitors who knock on the windows.


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