Tropical Islands resort in Germany: Luftwaffe airship hangar.

Eternal Summer Awaits at This German Airship Hangar

Eternal Summer Awaits at This German Airship Hangar

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Jan. 28 2015 4:26 PM

Tropical Islands: Summer Fun in a German Airship Hangar

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Seeking a relaxing escape from winter? You could always take a trip to a German airship hangar built on a Luftwaffe air field. There you will find Tropical Islands, a year-round beach resort where it’s always summer.

The complex is located inside the Aerium, a massive dome built in 2000 to house dirigibles. CargoLifter, the company that constructed the Aerium, declared insolvency in 2002. Shortly afterward, Malaysian company Tanjong snapped up the empty hangar and turned it into Tropical Islands.


The resort, maintained at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, features an array of pools, water slides, beaches, and a rain forest teeming with tropical plants. The décor is a mishmash of cultures—the jungle contains temples modeled on Angkor Wat and Elephanta, a network of eighth-century Indian cave temples. “Asia House” is modeled on a Japanese pavilion. The evenings bring Latin rhythms in the form of a Cuban dance show.

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