Doctors dissect Dr. Death.

Doctors dissect Dr. Death.

Doctors dissect Dr. Death.

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June 7 2007 1:28 PM

Doctors Dissect Dr. Death

A Slate news graph on Kevorkian's return.

After eight years in prison, Jack Kevorkian—the self-styled Rosa Parks of assisted suicide—is making the rounds on the talk show circuit again. Our partners at asked 560 medical doctors of different religions to watch Dr. Death's appearance this week on Larry King Live. Click below and you'll see how the doctors responded in real time to clips of Kervorkian's appearance on King. For extra insight, their responses to his pro-euthanasia message are broken down by religion.

Bill Smee Bill Smee

Bill Smee is executive producer of Slate V.

There were also some interesting results when the respondents were questioned both before and after watching the video. Click on the image below for a more detailed look at the survey results.

Click here for more survey results.

For more information about how the survey was conducted, click here.

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