Most popular Dear Prudence videos with Emily Yoffe.

Watch Emily Yoffe’s Most Popular Dear Prudence Videos Ever

Watch Emily Yoffe’s Most Popular Dear Prudence Videos Ever

Advice on manners and morals.
Nov. 14 2015 8:45 PM

Prudie’s Most Popular Videos

The Emily Yoffe segments readers watched most.  


For much of her tenure as Prudence, Emily Yoffe also recorded video letters watched by about 50,000 readers each week. Below are some editors’ picks for the most beautiful animations produced to go along with the letters, as well as Prudie’s three most-watched videos ever.

Editors’ pick, best animation: Help! I Married a Peeping Tom. (Animated by Rob Donnelly.)


Editors’ pick, best animation: Help! My 7-Year-Old Neighbor Acts Like a Young Dahmer. (Animated by Paca Thomas.)

Most popular, No. 3: Help! Should I Marry My First and Only Love?

Most popular, No. 2: Help! My Husband Hired a Sexy Secretary.

Most popular, No. 1: Help! I Hate Having Sex with My Husband.

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