Digg Reader, AOL Reader, Feedly: Which Google Reader alternative should I use?
Google Reader Is Dead, but This Chart Will Lead You Out of the Darkness
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June 28 2013 3:50 PM

How to Survive the Google Reader Apocalypse

A flow chart of Google Reader alternatives.

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Google Reader is importing its last feeds. Amid a chorus of grief, Google is shutting down the beloved service once and for all come Monday. Some users will leave a flower at Slate’s Google Graveyard and move on with their lives, bowing reluctantly to the Facebook and Twitter feeds that now rule the online news-consumption scene. The rest of us, who scoff at this notion of a post-RSS world, will wander like refugees from one reader app to another, never quite sure where we belong and bewildered by the many options we face. Pulse, Curata, Flipboard, Digg Reader, AOL Reader, Feedly—to whom should we turn in our darkest hour? But do not despair, my fellow RSS-ers! The above chart will help you bring order to the chaos. Click here for the full image.

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