I Was a Virtual Reality Nonbeliever

It took almost vomiting twice, but I’m officially a convert.

Nov. 17 2017 8:00 AMBig Tobacco. Big Pharma. Big Tech?The rise of a new epithet, and what it means for Silicon Valley.
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Nov. 12 2017 9:00 AMStrapping This Light to Your Bike Is the Smartest Thing a Cyclist Can DoA combination bike light and camera can capture accident footage when witnesses aren’t around.
Nov. 10 2017 12:06 PMWe Don’t Need an App for ThatMosaic, Steven Soderbergh’s new series for smartphones, lets you pick the plot you want. Bad idea.
Nov. 9 2017 8:05 PMOnly Sinclair Can Save YouTrump’s FCC chair is making a novel, bad-faith argument in order to weaken competition in local news.
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Nov. 6 2017 1:30 PMYour Apartment Is Amazon’s ShowroomThe company’s use of augmented reality to put sofas and coffeemakers in your home is a goofy—and revealing—misstep.
Nov. 17 2017 1:03 AMTesla Unveiled Its New Semi Truck—and a Surprise Sports CarThe only thing more impressive than these vehicles would be getting production of the Model 3 back on track.
Nov. 16 2017 5:36 PMTwitter May Make It Easier to TweetstormMust it?
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Nov. 12 2017 9:06 PMThe #MeAt14 Hashtag Is a Moving Rebuke to Roy MooreAnd the people defending him.
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Nov. 10 2017 8:00 AMIs the iPhone's Camera Finally Good Enough?Reviewers have lots of praise for the iPhone X—but that selfie might feel too accurate for comfort. 
Nov. 9 2017 1:29 PMThe Worst Consequence of Twitter’s New Character LimitThe president is becoming coherent.
Nov. 8 2017 6:56 PMSnapchat Finally Admitted It’s Really ConfusingNow comes the hard part.
Nov. 8 2017 12:49 PMA Dangerous Self-Driving Car Is Still Better Than a Human DriverObjectively, anyway. The question is whether humans can handle this truth.
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Nov. 7 2017 3:11 PMRussian Trolls Are Still Co-Opting Black Organizers’ EventsFacebook banned them. That didn’t stop their mischief.
Nov. 7 2017 8:06 AMApple’s Most Innovative ProductIt might be its tax-avoidance scheme.
Nov. 6 2017 6:55 PMA Tribute to Two Beautiful Months of Beyoncé’s Perfect Instagram GridApparently imperfection is what’s in now.
Nov. 3 2017 7:45 PMDylan Went Electric. Selena Goes Vertical.Too bad her innovative new music video is more boring than rocks.