Were these Donald Trump tweets written on an iPhone or Android? A quiz.

Can You Tell Donald Trump’s Tweets From His Ghostwriters’? Take This Quiz.

Can You Tell Donald Trump’s Tweets From His Ghostwriters’? Take This Quiz.

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Aug. 15 2016 5:41 PM

Who Wrote These Donald Trump Tweets?

We’ll never know for sure, but the device they were written on—iPhone or Android—offers a clue.


Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images News.

Since the beginning of the campaign, Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been one of the main channels through which he broadcasts his message to the world. That message, as we all know by now, is a goulash of insults, campaign announcements, and patriotic slogans. Well, mostly insults.

But who’s writing the tweets? Back in July, Gawker surmised that only some of them—the ones written on an Android device—were penned by Trump himself, and that iPhone-toting “handlers” wrote the rest. On Tuesday, a data scientist named David Robinson analyzed the Android and iPhone tweets and made a strong case that they were, in fact, written by two sets of authors.


The Android tweets sound like the Trump you know: angry, negative, personal. The iPhone tweets are just a little off. Can you tell the difference?

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