Slate Money on the Ashley Madison hack, Citibank's fine from the CFPB, and Nikkei's purchase of the Financial Times.

It’s Time to Talk About the Business of Adultery

It’s Time to Talk About the Business of Adultery

Slate’s weekly business and finance podcast.
July 25 2015 2:02 AM

The Public Exposure Edition

The Slate Money crew on the outing of adulterers, evil banks, and one money-hungry media company.


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On this episode of Slate Money, host Felix Salmon of Fusion, Cathy O’Neil of, and Slate’s Moneybox columnist Jordan Weissmann discuss infidelity.

Topics discussed on today’s show include:


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Felix Salmon is a journalist.

Cathy O'Neil is a former hedge fund quant and blogger at

Jordan Weissmann is Slate’s senior business and economics correspondent.