Slate Money on big data in health care, secret buyers of Manhattan apartments, and GM recalls.

Slate Money on the Secret Buyers of New York Real Estate

Slate Money on the Secret Buyers of New York Real Estate

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July 5 2014 11:00 AM

Slate Money: The Monetizing Others Episode

Slate Money on New York's secretive real estate, big data in health care, and GM’s many recalls.

NYC model luxury condo
An interior view of a model condominium at the benefit for "Rosie's Broadway Kids," at the sales center for Platinum luxury condominiums April 14, 2008 in New York City.

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On this week’s episode of Slate Money, Felix Salmon of Fusion, Cathy O'Neil of, and Slate's Jordan Weissmann discuss whether big data in health care is something to fear, what’s behind the boom in secretive buyers of New York City apartments, and the peculiar economic logic of General Motors’ victim compensation fund.


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Cathy O'Neil is a former hedge fund quant and blogger at

Felix Salmon is a journalist.

Jordan Weissmann is Slate’s senior business and economics correspondent.