Slate Money on Apple and Beats, Amazon and Hachette, and Thomas Piketty

What’s Really Going On in the Amazon/Hachette Fight?

What’s Really Going On in the Amazon/Hachette Fight?

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May 31 2014 4:03 PM

Money and the Media  

Slate Money on Apple’s purchase of Beats, Amazon’s fight with Hachette, and Thomas Piketty’s defense of his data.


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On this week’s episode of Slate Money, Felix Salmon of Fusion, Cathy O'Neil of Columbia University, and Slate's Jacob Weisberg discuss Apple buying the music streaming and headphone company Beats, Amazon bullying publisher Hachette, and French economist Thomas Piketty defending the data in his best-selling book Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

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Cathy O'Neil is a former hedge fund quant and blogger at

Felix Salmon is a senior editor at Fusion.

Jacob Weisberg is chairman and editor-in-chief of The Slate Group and author of The Bush Tragedy. Follow him on Twitter.