Dissecting Day 6, Hours 8 and 9 of 24.

Dissecting Day 6, Hours 8 and 9 of 24.

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Feb. 13 2007 8:05 PM

Spoiling 24

Dissecting Day 6, Hours 8 and 9.

To listen to Slate's Spoiler Special about Hours 8 and 9 of Season 6 of 24, click the arrow button on the player below:

June Thomas June Thomas

June Thomas is a Slate culture critic and editor of Outward, Slate’s LGBTQ section. 

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This week's two-hour "television event" covered 1 p.m to 3 p.m. The first hour was a classic action-packed episode replete with a car chase, a dastardly White House plot, and a display of Jack Bauer's unflappability. In the 2 o'clock hour, we saw Chloe O'Brian's motivational techniques, met the superterrorist pulling Fayed's strings, and discovered that Philip Bauer is more cold-hearted than even last week's episode suggested.

As part of Slate's Spoiler Special podcast series—recently expanded to include TV shows—we'll be hosting regular "post-view" discussions of Season 6. (Click here to listen to a discussion of the first four hours, here for a discussion of Hour 5, here for Hour 6, and here for Hour 7.) In this one, Slate's Rachael Larimore, June Thomas, and Julia Turner wonder if Tom Lennox is a bad egg; discuss the New Yorker article about 24's depiction of torture; and consider whether Milo is a mole.

Because we reveal plot twists in these chats, we recommend—but don't insist—that you watch the show before listening to the program.

* To download the MP3 file, right-click (Windows) or hold down the Control key while you click (Mac), and then use the "save" or "download" command to save the audio file to your hard drive.

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