Jerry Jones: Hang Up and Listen on college football’s opening weekend, the Dallas Cowboys owner, and the U.S. Open.
What Jerry Jones’ Pining for Johnny Manziel Reveals About the Cowboys Owner’s Football Acumen
Slate's sports podcast.
Sept. 2 2014 4:36 PM

Hang Up and Listen: The Jerry Loves Johnny Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on college football’s neutral-site money grab, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and the U.S. Open.


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In this week’s episode of Slate’s sports podcast Hang Up and Listen, Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and Mike Pesca discuss the opening of the college football season, the proliferation of neutral-site games, and concerns about student attendance at on-campus games. They interview ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr. about his profile of Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones, a man who desperately wants to be known as a “football guy.” Finally, they talk with Sports Illustrated tennis writer Courtney Nguyen about the unpredictable recent results on the women’s side of the U.S. Open, the state of the Federer, and American fans’ desperation for a new star.

Here are links to some of the articles and other items mentioned on the show:

Hang Up and Listen’s Broyleses:

Mike’s Broyles: A police blotter of the vague miscellany for which players have been suspended.

Stefan’s Broyles: Wondering why tennis players’ eyes must so often wander to their entourage.

Josh’s Broyles: Tracking this year’s hired guns in the FIBA Basketball World Cup.

On this week’s Slate Plus bonus segment, Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and Mike Pesca discuss Michael Sam’s NFL future after he was cut by the St. Louis Rams. Slate Plus members get an ad-free version of this podcast with bonus segments. Visit and try it free for two weeks.

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Stefan Fatsis is the author of Word Freak and A Few Seconds of Panic and is a panelist on Hang Up and Listen.

Josh Levin is Slate's executive editor.

Mike Pesca is the host of the Slate daily podcast The Gist. He also contributes reports and commentary to NPR.

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