Tim Tebow Jets: Hang Up and Listen on March Madness, the Saints’ bounty suspensions, Tebow in the Big Apple, and Tiger Woods.

Slate’s Sports Podcast Debates the Jets’ Trade for Tim Tebow

Slate’s Sports Podcast Debates the Jets’ Trade for Tim Tebow

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Slate's sports podcast.
March 26 2012 4:48 PM

Hang Up and Listen: The Ask for the Popsicle Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on the NCAA Tournament, the Saints’ bounty suspensions, Tim Tebow and the Jets, and Tiger Woods’ big win.


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In this week’s episode of Slate’s sports podcast Hang Up and Listen, Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and Mike Pesca discuss the quality of play in this year’s NCAA Tournament and the dominance of John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats. They also talk about the Saints’ bounty suspensions, the NFL’s punishment of the Cowboys and Redskins for gaming the salary cap, and Tim Tebow’s move to New York. Finally, they discuss Tiger Woods’ win at Bay Hill and Woods’ ex-coach Hank Haney’s new tell-all book The Big Miss.

Here are links to some of the articles and other items mentioned on the show:


Kudzu is a “noxious weed.”
Mike’s Morning Edition report
on the teams that made the Final Four.
Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State, and Kansas have a combined 49 Final Four appearances.
Gregg Doyel praises North Carolina’s backup point guard Stilman White.
NCAA president Mark Emmert and Kentucky coach John Calipari both say they don’t like the one-and-done rule.
Peter May in the New York Times on Aaron Craft’s amazing defense.
Josh’s Slate piece arguing that the Saints deserved their harsh penalties for the bounty scandal.
The Sports Law Blog on whether Gregg Williams could sue the NFL over his indefinite suspension.
The NFL punished the Cowboys and Redskins for dumping salaries into the league’s “uncapped year.”
The Cowboys and Redskins have filed a grievance.
Slate’s Bill Smee laments Tim Tebow’s arrival in New York.
Rex Ryan on how the Jets will use Tebow.
Tiger Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational by five strokes, his first official victory in 28 months.
Hank Haney’s book The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods.
An excerpt from The Big Miss.
The New York Times explains that Woods never offered Haney a sugar-free popsicle.
The book also details Woods’ Navy SEAL training, including a knee injury the golfer allegedly suffered in a “kill house.”

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly Parillis:

Mike’s Parilli: In praise of the James Madison Dukes (not the Lady Dukes), who are making a dramatic run in the women’s NIT.

Stefan’s Parilli: News from the second tier of “show basketball”: The Harlem Ambassadors are suing the Harlem Wizards for the rights to LaMarvon Jackson.

Josh’s Parilli: The Yankees’ Joba Chamberlain brutally dislocated his ankle at a trampoline place in Florida. Would you sign the Rebounderz waiver? (And here’s the Rebounderz theme song, “I’m Gonna Flip” by Justin Vincent.)

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