The Gist: Emily Yoffe on the AAU survey, and the stopgap spending bill.

Emily Yoffe Explains the Problem With Campus Sexual Assault Surveys

Emily Yoffe Explains the Problem With Campus Sexual Assault Surveys

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Oct. 2 2015 5:44 PM

Campus Assault Surveys Say Too Little

If campuses truly believed 30 percent of their female students are being sexually assaulted, they’d put in emergency measures now.

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Are campus sexual assault surveys an accurate reflection of today’s college experience?

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If women going to a certain foreign country had a 30 percent chance of sexual assault, would we send our daughters there? How is college any different? On The Gist, Slate’s Emily Yoffe explains why the grim portrait painted by the new Association of American Universities study does not reflect reality. Read her entire article, “The Problem With Campus Sexual Assault Surveys,” on Slate. For the Spiel, is America going to hell in a hand basket? Why a small coterie of house Republicans stand athwart compromise. 

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