The Gist: Leon Neyfakh on Juiceboxxx, and labeling the Chattanooga shooting.

Why Leon Neyfakh Became Obsessed With Milwaukee’s Finest Emcee

Why Leon Neyfakh Became Obsessed With Milwaukee’s Finest Emcee

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July 22 2015 9:35 PM

First Taste of the Juiceboxxx

Our two-part series about The Gist’s new favorite rapper begins with friendship, art, and a mind-blowing set.

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Thanks to this great book, The Gist is getting really into a rapper named Juiceboxxx.

Photo illustration by Slate. Cover from The Next Next Level, photo courtesy Leon Neyfakh.

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On The Gist, Mike shares an important lesson about Connecticut he discovered as a guest on the Colin McEnroe Show today. Then, Slate’s Leon Neyfakh tells the story of how his early friendship with the rapper Juiceboxxx led to a new book about the life of an artist. That book is called The Next Next Level.

Here’s our Spotify starter kit for becoming a Juiceboxxx fan, including songs featured on today’s show:

For the Spiel, how we should label the killings in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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