The Gist: 1975 Billboard hits with Chris Molanphy and Ian Bremmer on the Greek economy.

Thirty-Five Songs Held Billboard’s No. 1 Spot in 1975. Many Were Bad.

Thirty-Five Songs Held Billboard’s No. 1 Spot in 1975. Many Were Bad.

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July 9 2015 6:40 PM

Easy Listening Wasn’t Easy in 1975

Elton John, Neil Sedaka, and KC and the Sunshine Band shared the spotlight with lesser gods during a tumultuous year for Billboard’s singles chart.

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Elton John dominated the Billboard charts in 1975.

Album art from Elton John - Greatest Hits from Polydor Records

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On The Gist, Mike is joined by Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer for a game we call “One Question, One Question Only.” What are the best, worst, and most likely scenarios for the Greek economy?


Plus, our regular guest Chris Molanphy explores the curiously fragmented and frequently shifting Billboard chart from 1975. Don't like our Spotify playlist of the songs mentioned in today’s show? That’s just your jive talkin’.

Later, we flash back to The Gist circa 1975, when the Spiel was still called the Radio Ramble and when Mike mixed Harvey Wallbangers and smoked during the show. 

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