The Gist: Nate DiMeo on The Memory Palace and Barry Rosenfeld on the insanity defense.

Inside Nate DiMeo’s Podcast The Memory Palace

Inside Nate DiMeo’s Podcast The Memory Palace

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June 10 2015 7:23 PM

Tour Guide for The Memory Palace

Nate DiMeo left NPR to create a podcast fueled by deep history, captivating stories, and hypnotic music beds.

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The Memory Palace is a podcast about history that doesn't feel like a podcast about history.

Podcast Artwork Courtesy Nate DiMeo.

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James Holmes is mounting an insanity defense for his trial in the 2012 movie-theater killings in Aurora, Colorado. But what connection does that tactic have with the actual medical understanding of mental illness? Today on The Gist, Fordham’s Barry Rosenfeld explains the challenge of diagnosing a “guilty mind.”


For the Spiel, we ask Nate DiMeo to share an episode of his podcast The Memory Palace about Coney Island’s Dreamland amusement park, and his approach to revisiting history.

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