The Gist: J. Bryan Lowder on gay marriage, and the soundtrack of Chris Christie for president.

In the Future, Will We Have to Visit Gay Culture in a Museum?

In the Future, Will We Have to Visit Gay Culture in a Museum?

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June 30 2015 8:13 PM

Will Gay Marriage Upend Gay Culture?

A historic decision from the Supreme Court means big changes for what it means to belong to the gay community.

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Be sure to read our guest J. Bryan Lowder's incredible feature What Was Gay?” on Slate.

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The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage will welcome a new era in equality, acceptance, and fretting. A recent headline even predicted a “twinge of loss” for modern gay culture. On The Gist, Slate’s J. Bryan Lowder explains what the ruling means for gay culture. Be sure to read his cover story “What Was Gay?” from earlier this year. For The Spiel, Mike explores what the Chris Christie presidential candidacy should sound like.


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