The Gist and Emily Yoffe’s Dear Prudence follow-ups and the Toy Hall of Fame.

Dear Prudence’s Advice on Whether to End a Friendship With an Anti-Vaxxer

Dear Prudence’s Advice on Whether to End a Friendship With an Anti-Vaxxer

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June 12 2015 4:20 PM

My Friend Became a Staunch Anti-Vaxxer. Now What?

Dear Prudence reminds us that ending a friendship can be hard, but getting the measles is worse.

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Would you end a friendship over this?

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Today on The Gist, we dig some of our favorite segments out of the vault. Mike Pesca is still away taping Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me, which you can hear this coming weekend online or on NPR stations across the country.


First up, Mary Pilon shares the real history of the board game your family never finishes. She’s the author of The Monopolists: Obsession, Fury, and the Scandal Behind the World’s Favorite Board Game.

Then, should you ever attend a child’s birthday party in a hazmat suit? Slate’s Emily Yoffe joins us for a Post-Prudence Impact Statement with past letter writer “The Shot Is Safe.”

For the Spiel, impassioned nominations for the Toy Hall of Fame. This segment was taped in 2014, and since then the Rubik’s Cube, bubbles, and little green army men have all been inducted.

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