The Gist: Marion Nestle on nutritional guidelines, and Barry Klein on McDonalds.

You Can’t Change Dietary Guidelines Without Breaking a Few Eggs

You Can’t Change Dietary Guidelines Without Breaking a Few Eggs

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March 25 2015 6:01 PM

Practical Yolks

Eggcellent news! The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is about to drop a long-standing guideline on cholesterol.

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What do you call a city of 20 million eggs? New Yolk City!

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How should we understand the evolving nature of U.S. dietary guidelines? Today on The Gist, Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health at New York University, explains how the committees modify nutritional guidelines. Plus, what can McDonald’s learn from Smashburger or Shake Shack? We speak with consultant Barry Klein, the creator of Ronald McDonald. For the Spiel, how Pesca was bit by the radioactive spider.


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