The Gist: Chris Molanphy on the chorus in pop music, and garbage food.

The Greatest Pop Songs Without a Chorus

The Greatest Pop Songs Without a Chorus

A daily news and culture podcast with Mike Pesca.
March 16 2015 6:30 PM

A Matter of Chorus

How has an emphasis on branding changed the relationship between a song’s title and chorus?

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Lots of hits on The Gist today. Listen like this girl.

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Not every great pop song has a standard format or even a chorus. Today on The Gist, Chris Molanphy joins us to look at the changing placement of the chorus in popular music. He writes Slate’s Why Is That Song No. 1 column. For the Spiel, Mike eats at the pop-up restaurant WastED.


At the very end of this show, we debut a new They Might Be Giants song, as part of their Dial-a-Song reboot, as we will be doing every Monday this year. You can find videos for the songs on the band’s website. This one is called “Unpronounceable.”

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