The Gist: Maria Konnikova on learning styles, and Mike spiels about ABC’s This Week.

Learning Styles Over Substance

Learning Styles Over Substance

A daily news and culture podcast with Mike Pesca.
Jan. 20 2015 7:30 PM

How Do I Learn Thee? Let Us Count the Ways.

There are 71 documented learning styles, but how many of them really matter?

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Do teachers matter when determining a student’s learning style?

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After elementary school, who will cater to your learning style? Today on The Gist, Mike asks Maria Konnikova of The New Yorker if learning styles are bulls---. She’s the author of Mastermind, and her learning style is best described as “give me the information and please don’t make me work in groups or make a craft.” In the Spiel, Stephanopoulos and sugar daddies.

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