The Gist: Colin Clarke on terror cells, and Plus Magazine editors on eleven.

Is the Number 11 Holding Young Math Students Back?

Is the Number 11 Holding Young Math Students Back?

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Jan. 12 2015 7:05 PM

A Better Name for 11

Mike Pesca admits his beef with the number that comes after 10.

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What are the stories behind each of these numbers?

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How real is the possibility of a terrorist strike in America this week? Today on The Gist, RAND’s Colin Clarke explains where terror cells are grown. We also speak with Plus Magazine editor Rachel Thomas and Marianne Freiberger about their book Numericon: A Journey Through The Hidden Lives of Numbers. For the Spiel, the teaming masses of Buddhist extremists who are bent on murdering civilians. Do they exist, or are they just a useful argument?

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