The Gist: Bret Stephens and Drunk Shakespeare.

The Case for Performing Shakespeare While Wasted

The Case for Performing Shakespeare While Wasted

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Dec. 11 2014 7:19 PM


Hark! When bards from Drunk Shakespeare visit, Mike must shotgun a beer.

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I believe it was Shakespeare who first said, “Chug! Chug! Chug!”

Photo Illustration by Slate. Photos Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

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Should America be the world police? Today on The Gist, columnist Bret Stephens from the Wall Street Journal suggests applying a “broken windows” model to foreign policy. He’s the author of America in Retreat. Plus, Josh Hyman, Adam Thomas Smith, Scott Griffin, and David Hudson tell us why Drunk Shakespeare is the perfect way to experience the Bard of Avon. For the Spiel, having it your way from McDonald’s to breastaurants.

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