The Gist talks about analogies with John Pollack, and police data with D. Brian Burghart.

The Analogy That Helped Sell Viagra

The Analogy That Helped Sell Viagra

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Sept. 23 2014 7:24 PM

A Good Analogy Is Like Mike Pesca

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Do you want to be in command, or do you want to be a victim to the winds?

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Exactly how many black men are killed each year by law enforcement? How many are unarmed? In the wake of Ferguson, it was difficult for journalists to get precise answers to these questions. On The Gist, Reno News & Review editor D. Brian Burghart talks about Fatal Encounters, his project that attempts to crowdsource a national database of deadly police force. Then, John Pollack, author of Shortcut, explains the elegant power of analogies. For the Spiel, tax rates. Are they too low or too high? Mike says that’s the wrong question to be asking.

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