The Gist speaks with a Fringe Festival performer, and Andrew Kohut from the Pew Research Center.

The Proud Mom of 23 Could-Be Kids

The Proud Mom of 23 Could-Be Kids

A daily news and culture podcast with Mike Pesca.
Aug. 22 2014 6:55 PM

The Proud Mom of 23 Could-Be Kids

The Gist learns the advantages of frozen families over room-temperature children.

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The many advantages of frozen-family living.

Photo Illustration by Slate. Photo by Philippe Desmazes/Getty.

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“In general, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time?”

On The Gist, an audible representation of how Americans have historically answered this Gallup poll question. We asked the Pew Research Center’s founding director Andrew Kohut to explain noticeable blips. Plus, performer Courtney Raia joins us in the character of her one-woman show All My Children, up at the New York International Fringe Festival this weekend. For Mike’s Spiel, a case against overly cute animals.

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