The Gist and Dear Prudence do a follow-up, and why Rand Paul is courting black voters.

When Is It Your Duty to Report Something You See to the Police?

When Is It Your Duty to Report Something You See to the Police?

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Aug. 13 2014 6:10 PM

Copy Creeper

The Gist and Dear Prudence follow up with a copy-shop employee who spotted a chilling letter.

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There are far worse things you can find on the photocopier than the rules to Fight Club.

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When a bored copy-shop employee spotted a chilling letter on the copy machine, he was left with an ethical dilemma.  On The Gist, Emily Yoffe of Slate’s Dear Prudence column explains when it’s your duty to report discussions of sexual conduct with minors. Plus, Slate columnist Reihan Salam reveals how Rand Paul and Chris Christie are courting black voters. For the Spiel, Mike responds to flack for defending race-car driver Tony Stewart on last night’s All In With Chris Hayes.


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