The Gist uses epistemology to understand privacy, and the worst poker beat ever.
What Poker Has to Teach Us About Missile Defense Systems
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July 31 2014 7:16 PM

What Poker Has to Teach Us About Missile Defense Systems

The Gist explores the odds of freakishly bad results on airplanes and poker tables.

Conner Drinan loses $1 million at the World Series of Poker.

Photo Illustration by Slate. Image courtesy ESPN.

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When is it best to know when our privacy has been violated? Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA passes around nude photographs. A doctor in Maryland may have photographed thousands of women during their gynecological exams. Aaron Zimmerman from UC–Santa Barbara brings an epistemological approach to the question, “Can you be a victim without knowing you’re a victim?” For the Spiel, what a bad beat at the World Series of Poker reminds us about how we make decisions.


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