The Gist on nudity with Dave Hill, and Bill Ackman’s Herbalife.

Naked Cruise: Should Clothing Ever Be Optional?

Naked Cruise: Should Clothing Ever Be Optional?

A daily news and culture podcast with Mike Pesca.
July 23 2014 6:30 PM

Should Clothing Ever Be Optional?

The Gist strips down to the naked truths about nudists with writer Dave Hill.

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Who needs pants? Porky Pig sure doesn't.

Photo illustration by Slate. Art courtesy of Grapesoda22/Wikimedia Commons.

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Today on The Gist, writer Dave Hill tells us about what it’s like to go on a naked cruise. Then, Mike explains why investor Bill Ackman’s high-profile accusations against Herbalife failed to make the company go the way of Enron. Michael Regan, the editor at large for Bloomberg News, shares what made this presentation unique, despite Wall Street’s cool reaction. For the Spiel, the news from Sioux Falls.


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