The Gist on comedy with Mike Sacks, a peer-review scandal, and the downside of killing Hitler.

The Guy Who Went Back in Time to Kill Someone Called “Hitler”

The Guy Who Went Back in Time to Kill Someone Called “Hitler”

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July 10 2014 6:38 PM

This Guy Killed Hitler. All He Wants Is a Thank-You.

The Gist on the downside of time travel, and why this might be the golden age for comedy writing.

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Thanks to Dru Johnston, we have no idea who this man is.

Photo Illustration by Slate. Photo from recuerdosdepandora/Flickr.

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Today on the show, writer Mike Sacks explains how it’s easier than ever to begin a career in comedy. In his book Poking a Dead Frog, Sacks asks comedians to explain their process without killing their humor. Plus, Dru Johnston reads his essay “I Think I Should Get More Credit for Killing Hitler” from the Occasional. And Ivan Oransky of MedPage Today and Retraction Watch unwraps the illicit world of peer-review fakery.


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