The Gist learns the history of NYPD mafia investigator Lieutenant Joe Petrosino, and Alabama prison conditions.

New Clues Emerge in 1909 Murder of an NYPD Cop Overseas

New Clues Emerge in 1909 Murder of an NYPD Cop Overseas

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July 21 2014 7:09 PM

NYPD Cold Case from 100 Years Ago, and the Victim Was a Cop

The Gist examines the unsolved murder of an NYPD officer killed overseas in 1909.

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Lt. Joseph Petrosino, NYPD, Badge No. 285.

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo Courtesy New York City Police Department.

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Today on The Gist, reporter Challen Stephens explains how an investigative journalism initiativehas brought new attention to horrible prison conditions in Alabama. Then, we learn about the top-secret mission of one of NYC’s first Italian heroes, NYPD Lt. Joe Petrosino. Mike Dash, author of The Fist Family, explains how new clues have emerged in this unsolved murder. For the Spiel, how the mundane often undoes technology. 


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