The Gist on the Export-Import bank, and fake soccer injuries.

How Can You Tell When Writhing Soccer Players Are Faking It?

How Can You Tell When Writhing Soccer Players Are Faking It?

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June 30 2014 6:21 PM

Taking (a Fake) One for the Team

The Gist explores the strategy behind embellished dives, grass writhing, and limb clutching at the World Cup.

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Flop! Brazilian forward Neymar reacts in pain following a tackle by Cameroon midfielder Joel Matip.

Photo Illustration by Slate. Photo by AFP/Getty Images.

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An obscure U.S. government agency called the Export-Import Bank is under fire from the GOP. Rana Foroohar of Time explains why politicians gunning for this credit agency could hurt the export market. Also, flop analyst Geoff Foster explains why so much of the World Cup involves players dramatically lurching and clutching their injured body parts. In today’s Spiel, Mike takes a step way back to evaluate the Hobby Lobby verdict.


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