Some practical suggestions on how to refine your list of target colleges for applications, and on what should be included in the Common Application.

How to Choose Your Target Colleges

How to Choose Your Target Colleges

The path to college.
Nov. 19 2015 4:21 PM

Getting In: Refining the List

And some practical advice on what should be listed in the Common Application.


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Guest host Amy Young, director of college counseling at Avenues New York, helps Getting In senior August Graves refine her list of schools and makes some practical suggestions about what needs to be listed in the Common Application.

And expert Parke Muth joins Amy to answer a listener question from a home-schooled teenager in Texas. The teen wonders how to describe his unique high school coursework—designed and taught by his father—on a college application.

Plus an update from Getting In senior Alessandra LePera. She’s scrambling to make her Dec. 1 deadlines after a health setback this past week.

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