Early decision vs. early action: Learn all about the early admissions process.

Listen as Students Make Some of the Most Important Early Decisions of Their Lives

Listen as Students Make Some of the Most Important Early Decisions of Their Lives

The path to college.
Oct. 23 2015 5:24 PM

Getting In: Early Decision Crunchtime

Learn all about the early decision and early admissions process.


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Our host Julie Lythcott-Haims checks in with our seniors who have decided to submit early applications. Josh Steckel, college counselor at the Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies and the co-author of Hold Fast to Dreams, breaks down all the terminology surrounding early applications. August Graves makes a last-minute decision to apply early to her first-choice college. And Josh shares strategies with August to make sure she puts together the best application she can.

Plus we hear about the early applications being submitted by Alessandra LePera and Ellis Wells. And we meet the newest addition to our group of seniors, Jordana Meyer of Chevy Chase, Maryland, who’s applying early decision to her favorite Ivy.

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