Getting In podcast: Do colleges put more emphasis on GPA or tough coursework?

Do Colleges Want to See A’s or Tough Coursework? 

Do Colleges Want to See A’s or Tough Coursework? 

The path to college.
Sept. 25 2015 2:13 PM

Getting In: Easy A’s vs. Hard B’s

Is it better to take the easy path and shine or the hard road and sweat?


Listen to Episode 1B of Getting In:


Host Julie Lythcott-Haims and expert Amy Young, the director of college counseling at Avenues New York, answer listener questions.

The first question, from a 10th-grader enrolled in an intense STEM program, wonders how she can appeal to a college with an arts and communications focus. The second question is from a parent who wonders whether colleges are more impressed by straight A’s in “regular” courses or B’s in AP and advanced classes. Plus, a sneak preview of our upcoming episode on crafting a great college essay.

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