Slate’s Culture Gabfest on A. O. Scott’s eulogy to adulthood, so-called fingerprint words, and the new Apple Watch.

Are You Looking Forward to Our Wearable Future?

Are You Looking Forward to Our Wearable Future?

Slate's weekly roundtable.
Sept. 17 2014 8:05 AM

The Culture Gabfest “Oh, Grow Up!” Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on A. O. Scott’s eulogy to adulthood, “fingerprint” words, and the Apple Watch.

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On this week’s episode, the critics talk about A. O. Scott’s rollicking Times piece, in which he rang the patriarch's death knell: He’s not relevant, not interesting, and not on television anymore. Does Scott’s gender-centric take on the end of adulthood get it right, or miss the point? Next up, Slate’s Matthew J. X. Malady thought that "iteration" belonged to him, but he was wrong. The gabbers talk about Malady’s coinage, "fingerprint words"—the vocabulary we deem ours and ours alone. Does the Culture Gabfest have pet words, and, if so, are they a rhetorical crutch or further proof that our critics are just especially excellent at conversations? Finally, wearable tech. Once, we wore a special hat in bed and a watch on a chain. Now, we do high-tech fabrics and Bluetooth headsets. This week Apple trounced Google Glass with something even Back to the Future-ier: the Apple Watch. Would our critics wear such a thing, or is the “asshole factor” simply too high?


Links to some of the things we discussed this week follow:


Dana: Losing your phone, just for a day.


Julia: “Dry County,” by the B-52s.

Steve: Ian McCulloch’s solo album, Candleland.

Outro: “Dry County,” by the B-52s.

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Dana Stevens is Slate’s movie critic.

Julia Turner, the former editor in chief of Slate, is a regular on Slate’s Culture Gabfest podcast.