Feb. 17 1999 3:30 AM

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"The Rise of the Front Man": David Plotz on Dennis Hastert.



Political scuttlebutt, prepared for you by Walter Shapiro and Tim Noah.

Posted Dec. 22: The tortuous impeachment logic of a moderate Republican; "William Jefferson Clinton."

Posted Dec. 19: The Hustler, unlisted; CBS punts the vote; Livingston's second shocker.

Posted Dec. 18: Livingston's first shocker.

Posted Dec. 17: New York Times editorial nuttism.

Posted Dec. 16: The GOP's Wag the Dog fantasies.

Posted Dec. 15: The intelligentsia at the barricades.

Posted Dec. 14: Lying is perjury; Chatterbox in error!

Posted Dec. 13: Press pool nettles Netanyahu. Blame Bill Clinton.