Our new, improved RSS feed.

Our new, improved RSS feed.

Our new, improved RSS feed.

The inner workings of Slate.
July 24 2008 12:17 PM

Slate's New, Improved RSS Feed

It's a jillion times better than our old one.

Those of you who use Slate's RSS feed may have noticed a few improvements lately. (More on those in a moment.) For those of you who don't—and those of you who still don't know what an RSS feed is—well, now is an opportune time to get up to speed.

RSS, short for "really simple syndication," is a way to keep tabs on what your favorite Web sites are publishing. You set up an RSS reader on your computer and then select any Web site that offers an RSS feed—say, www.slate.com. If you point your RSS reader at www.slate.com/rss, the reader will display headlines and previews of the most recently published Slate stories and clickable links that will show you the full article. The advantage? Instead of wasting time refreshing your countless bookmarked Web sites, new content on those sites comes directly to you. (For more on how to set it up, click here.)


At Slate, we first introduced RSS back in 2004, but we've recently upgraded our offerings in both quality and quantity. Our main Slate feed, available at www.slate.com/rss, alerts readers to every piece we publish; it now offers more descriptive headlines and longer article previews, so it's easier to get a real sense of what a story is about before you click through to read it.

In addition, we've created RSS feeds for every department on Slate. If you love Slate's "Explainer," you can subscribe to that feed, receive an alert every time we publish a new column, and merrily ignore the rest of the site. If you live your life in agony waiting for Bruce Reed's next post, our new RSS feed for his blog "The Has-Been" will let you know as soon as his items go live.

We've listed the RSS feed URLs for Slate's most popular departments below; paste the ones you want into your reader, and you're all set. You can also find links to department RSS feeds on any article page within that department: In the right margin of, say, a "Press Box" column, at the bottom of the module that says "More Press Box Columns," you'll find a link reading "Subscribe to the Press Box RSS feed."



Slate's main RSS feed:


Slate's department feeds:

Ad Report Card - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-adreportcard
Architecture - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2079217
Art - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2899
Assessment - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=1811
Audio Book Club (podcast): http://media.slate.com/media/slate/Podcasts/ABC/abc1.xml
Ballot Box - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=31971
Blogging the Bible - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2141046
Big Idea, The - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2090809
Book Club, The - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=3606
Books - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2930
Brow Beat - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-browbeat
Bushisms - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2063464
Chatterbox - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2603
Corrections - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2083122
Culture Gabfest - http://media.slate.com/media/slate/Podcasts/Culturefest/culturefest1.xml
Culturebox - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=97498
Daily Podcast (podcast): http://media.slate.com/media/slate/Podcasts/Daily/daily1.xml
Damned Spot - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=82372
Dear Prudence - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-3531
Dilettante, The - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2138940
Drink - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-drink
DVD Extras - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2067928
Explainer - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-1787  
Faith-Based - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2088264
Family - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2135003
Fashion - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-fashion
Fighting Words - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-2073766
Fraywatch - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2070218
Food - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-food
Foreigners - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-foreigners
Gaming - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2097086
Gardening - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=3491
Gearbox - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=104252
Gizmos - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2069187
Good Word, The - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=3161
The Green Lantern - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-thegreenlantern
Green Room - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2170589
Happiness Project, The - http://feeds.slate.com/Slate-HappinessProject
Has-Been, The - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2120447
Heavy Petting - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2083698
Hey, Wait A Minute - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2076
Highbrow, The - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2110823
History Lesson - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=5117
Hot Document - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2136967
Human Guinea Pig - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2077894
Human Nature - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-2100253
In Other Magazines - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-othermagazines
Interrogation - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2098816
International Papers - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=1696
Jurisprudence - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-2126
Kausfiles - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-2065132
Map the Correspondent - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2179507
Meaning of Life TV - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2111777
Medical Examiner - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2657
Middlebrow, The - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2110472
Moneybox - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-moneybox
Movies - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-3184
Music Box - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2066612
Number 1 - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2065979
Obamamania - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2193739
Philanthropy - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2150116
Poems - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-poems
Political Gabfest (podcast) - http://media.slate.com/media/slate/Podcasts/Gabfest/gabfest1.xml
Politics - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-101526
Press Box - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-68090
Readme - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2147
Recycled - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2746
Rural Life - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2137787
Sandbox - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2078388
Science - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-2093565
Shopping - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=3601
Slatest - http://feeds.slate.com/slate/testfeed/SlatestFullTextRssFeed
Slate V (podcast) - http://media.slate.com/slatev.com/pdownload/slatev1.xml
Spoiler Specials (podcast) - http://media.slate.com/media/slate/Podcasts/Spoilers/spoiler1.xml
Sports Nut - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=83221
Summary Judgment - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=1250
Summer Vacation - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2193795
Supreme Court Dispatches - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=91503
Technology - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-2126999
Television - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-television
Today's Business Press - http://feeds.thebigmoney.com/thebigmoney/Todays_Business_Press
Trailhead - http://slate.com/blogs/blogs/trailhead/atom.aspx
Undercover Economist, The - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2134391
War Stories - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=117404
Well-Traveled - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2068717
What's Up, Doc? - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2195759
The XX Factor - http://feeds.slate.com/slate-xxfactor
Zeitgeist Checklist, The - http://www.slate.com/rss/feed.aspx?id=2144109