The Gist debates the line between civilian and combatant in Gaza, and probes origins of Israeli operation names.

When Does a Civilian Become a Combatant?

A daily news and culture podcast with Mike Pesca.
July 22 2014 7:11 PM

When Does a Civilian Become a Combatant?

The Gist debates when you lose your right to be considered a civilian in a war zone like Gaza.

Are all civilians automatically innocent?

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Are all civilians automatically innocent? Today on The Gist, host Mike Pesca debates a Wall Street Journal op-ed from Thane Rosenbaum, senior fellow and director of the NYU Forum on Law, Culture & Society. Plus, Dr. Dalia Gavriely-Nuri, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, offers translations and insight into Israeli operation names such as Operation Protective Edge and Operation Pillar of Defense. For the Spiel, classics ruined.


Mike Pesca is the host of the Slate daily podcast The Gist. He also contributes reports and commentary to NPR.

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