Nobama, Mittens, Obummer: What are the most popular nasty nicknames for the candidates?
Obummer vs. Mittens: What Are the Most Popular Nasty Nicknames for the Candidates?
Who's winning, who's losing, and why.
Nov. 5 2012 3:33 PM

Obummer vs. Mittens

The most popular nasty nicknames for the candidates—a Slate infographic.

A man wears a "Nobama" hat at the GOP convention in August.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

It’s not an election year without name-calling. The 2012 race has featured a particularly rich crop of presidential insults, fueled perhaps in equal measure by social media and the candidates’ highly punnable names. Obama haters call the commander-in-chief Nobama, Obozo, and Obummer, among many other pejoratives. Anti-Romneyites call the GOP nominee Mittens, R-Money, and Mitt the Twit. Which of these nicknames is the most popular? To find out, we scanned Twitter for six and a half hours last week in search of Barry, Mittens, and 11 other election-related taunts. We then checked those tweets for political keywords to ensure that we weren’t pulling in, say, advertisements for mittens. In the interactive below, you can mouse over the individual squares to read each nickname-containing tweet.

nobama (620)

barry (109)

hussein (46)

obummer (29)

obozo (16)

soetoro (7)

bammy (3)

obama bin lyin (2)

mittens (162)

r money (43)

robme (14)

myth romney (8)

mitt the twit (4)

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