How long will the federal government shutdown last? Predict it.
Three Days, Eight Days, 21 Days? How Long Do You Think This Shutdown Will Last?
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Oct. 2 2013 12:23 PM

How Long Will the Shutdown Last?

Let’s crowdsource a prediction.

Congress has failed to agree on a budget, and the federal government has shut down, virtually shuttering several agencies, furloughing more than 800,000 federal employees, and forcing hundreds of thousands more to work for no pay. Who will break first in this stare down between the Republican House and the Democratic Senate is a matter of speculation. So is how long the entire debacle will continue. Will this shutdown last only a few days like most? Will it drag out as long as the 21-day shutdown in 1995 did? Even longer? Below, predict how long Americans will have to endure this latest impasse, and see the predictions of other Slate readers.


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