Map of the Week
Map of the Week

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Dec. 19 2013 7:52 AMStarbucks, State Sports, and Sea MonstersSlate’s most compelling maps of 2013.
Nov. 15 2013 2:53 PMA New State Joins the Gay-Marriage MapWelcome to the party, Hawaii.
Oct. 4 2013 9:13 AMThe Shutdown Is Making the Capital :(Washington, D.C.’s emoticons reveal its new misery.
Sept. 27 2013 12:18 PMA Year of NYC Foursquare Check-insCompressed into a mesmerizing and gorgeous 32-second video.
Sept. 5 2013 1:10 PMA Map of the Scientific UniverseA sublime chart of 870,000 scientific studies.
Aug. 21 2013 5:30 AMCan You Solve Slate’s Gerrymandering Jigsaw Puzzle?Put the ridiculously gerrymandered congressional districts back together.
Aug. 15 2013 2:45 PMThis Amazing Map Shows Every Person in AmericaSegregation, diversity, and clustering become very clear when every human becomes a dot.
Aug. 5 2013 1:33 PMThree out of Four Russians Say Society Should Reject Gay PeopleIt’s not just the Russian government that hates gay people.
July 24 2013 8:30 AMU.S. vs. China in the International Popularity ContestInternational approval ratings for the U.S. and China, mapped.
July 18 2013 1:28 PMThe Periodic Table of Thrones (BOOK SPOILERS)Delightfully geeky chart shows Game of Thrones characters like elements.
July 17 2013 11:30 AMWhat Countries Have Marriage Equality?Gay marriage legality by country.
July 10 2013 2:04 PMPlay the Slate Ringtones QuizMatch the ringtone to the brand.
July 3 2013 4:44 PMGay Marriage Is Still Illegal for 70 Percent of AmericansPercent of the U.S. population in states where gay marriage is legal, charted.
July 1 2013 1:26 PMHow Much Interest Would You Pay Under Different Student Loan Proposals?A tool to compare student loan interest rate plans.
June 10 2013 5:13 PMCan George R.R. Martin Keep Up With HBO’s Game of Thrones? Probably.HBO’s Game of Thrones vs. George R.R. Martin’s writing speed, charted.
Nov. 21 2013 3:48 PMMap: Senate Democrats Nuke the FilibusterThe Senate vote on blowing up the filibuster, mapped.
Oct. 4 2013 5:49 PMSpaceships That Could Eat Star Destroyers for BreakfastA massive diagram of spaceship sizes.
Oct. 2 2013 12:23 PMHow Long Will the Shutdown Last?Let’s crowdsource a prediction.
Sept. 6 2013 11:12 AMWill Congress Let Obama Bomb Syria?Share your predictions.
Aug. 27 2013 9:45 AMThe Middle East’s Big Knot of Enemies and Allies, VisualizedIn one chart.
Aug. 16 2013 8:26 AMPlaces Actually Discovered by Europeans, MappedThe tiny islands that European explorers really did discover.
Aug. 6 2013 11:46 AMSpaghetti! Fagioloni! Conchigliette!Hundreds of pasta shapes, categorized and mapped.
July 24 2013 1:56 PMThe Great Gatsby in Chart FormFitzgerald’s great American novel as an infographic.
July 24 2013 5:37 AMCan You Name These Cities by Their Starbucks Locations?A journey across the highly caffeinated globe.
July 18 2013 10:34 AMChart: The 7,000 Streams that Become the Mississippi RiverA new tool maps the thousands of connections among U.S. rivers.
July 17 2013 6:45 AMThree out of Four Americans Think Political Parties Are CorruptThe institutions most Americans view as corrupt, charted.
July 4 2013 8:39 AMWhere Do People Hate Westboro Baptist Church the Most?Where people signed petitions to name the church a hate group.
July 3 2013 7:47 AMFrom “Land of the Oarsmen” With LoveThe literal meanings of places in the world, mapped.
June 12 2013 10:23 AMThe Xbox One Isn’t That ExpensiveThe initial costs of the major video game consoles, adjusted for inflation.
June 8 2013 6:00 AMDid Your Senator Vote to Expand the Government’s Spying Powers?Senate votes that expanded the government’s surveillance powers, mapped.